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A new, feature-rich, intuitive and awesome Web Services Testing tool!

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SOAP Testing
  • Local and Remote WSDL based SOAP testing

  • SOAP Scenarios that group Request, Response, Security and Test Case configuration

  • Per soap scenario WS-Addressing, WS-Security configuration, SSL configuration

  • Use WSDL-based WS-SecurityPolicy for WS-Security testing

  • HTTP and SOAP/JMS testing

  • SwA/MTOM attachment support

Security configurations
  • Strong WS-Security support for SOAP Testing

  • Reusable global WS-SecurityPolicy and Non-Policy configurations

  • SOAP Scenario specific policy and non-policy configurations

Global WS-Policy Management
  • Import and edit WS-Policy files

  • Use WS-SecurityPolicy files for applying WS-Security to SOAP scenarios

Miscellaneous features

  • Email and Jabber/IM integration for notifications

  • User Management

    • Administrator vs Normal user roles

    • Manage user sessions

  • And much more...

REST Testing
  • Simple but powerful REST testing

  • Rest Project with Root and Sub Resources

  • Per resource ssl, attachment setup

  • Per resource test case configuration with default assertions

WS-SecurityPolicy-based security configurations
  • Use policy in WSDL for automatic security enforcement

  • Reuse existing WS-SecurityPolicy across SOAP Scenarios

  • Configure Request/Response/Request+Response policy enforcement

Keystore Management
  • Import keystores (.p12, .jks)

  • Manage private and public keys (X.509 certificates)

  • Unified keystore access for both SOAP and REST testing

Test Suites
  • Create Test Suites for both SOAP Scenarios and REST Resources

  • Simple and Cron-based persistent schedule

  • Test Suite completion email notification

Non-Policy security configuration
  • Setup WS-Security manually

  • Configure Request only, Response only or Request+Response security

  • Reuse global configurations across SOAP Scenarios

Built-In STS Integration
  • Issue SAML 2.0 Tokens

  • Configure WS-Security for WS-Trust RST and RSTR

  • Unique STS endpoint for each user

  • Enable/Disable STS service on-demand

Integrated Testing Tools

Examine comes with some frequently needed and useful testing tools that make working with Web Services more easier! You won't need to fire up your heavy-weight XML Editor for doing everyday testing tasks!

XML Schema Validator
  • Validate XML content against saved XML Schemas/ Validation Scenarios

  • Create Schema Validation Scenarios that combine multiple schemas

  • Upload and manage single XSDs or XSDs with relative imports/includes

XML Schema Instance Generator
  • Generate XML instances from XML Schemas

  • Select from available Schema Root Elements

  • Configure XML generation options like Optional Attributes, Elements, Max depth etc

SAML 1.1 Token Generator
  • Quickly hand-craft a SAML 1.1 Assertion to test SAML-based services

  • Sign generated Assertion using pre-configured Keystore

XPath 1.0 Evaluator
  • Test XPath 1.0 expressions against XML content

JSON to XML Converter
  • Convert JSON string in BadgerFish / Mapped Convention to XML

  • Configure BadgerFish / Mapped convention options

WS-Trust STS Client
Small Heading
  • Create and Send WS-Trust RequestSecurityToken (RST) requests to STS Endpoints

  • Configure RST request elements

  • Use STS Endpoint WS-SecurityPolicy to enforce WS-Security for RST and RSTR

XSL Transformer
  • Quickly test XML transformations using XSLTs

  • Save XSLTs to do XML transforms later

XML to JSON Converter
  • Convert XML to JSON using BadgerFish / Mapped Convention

  • Configure BadgerFish / Mapped convention options

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